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Solera Glass UK
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Real Daylighting Solutions
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IyCo Ltd is the exclusive UK and Eire supplier of Solera ® Glass, manufactured by Advanced Glazings Ltd.  Solera Glass is a translucent composite system that reduces glare, controls thermal impact and enhances the wellbeing and visual experience of the building's occupants.
Solera Glass offers real daylighting solutions to the problems of hotspots and light diffusion with a wide angle diffusing translucent core that gives deep penetration of natural full spectrum light without excessive thermal variance or the harmful effects of glare.  The system is designed to fit into standard curtain wall, storefront, window and skylight systems making it ideal for both new build and renovation.
Solera Glass can be heat strengthened, tempered or laminated and is available in a variety of colours and thicknesses. The highly configurable range gives control of light diffusion and transmittance, solar gain, thermal insulation, sound transmittance, aesthetics and safety, allowing us to meet your project requirements.
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